"Jasmine has been with us since our child was born. She is super reliable and always on time. She has a special personality that meshes instantly with the kids. She is patient and always has a smile on her face. If you hire her as your sitter, you can rest assured that you will not have to check up on her constantly. Jasmine is our number one sitter." Miss Ani

"Jasmine is always smiling, and the kids are excited when they know she is coming over. She is gentle and kind and always makes sure they get outside to play ball or take a walk. She never let's them sit in front of the TV, which is important to me as a mom. I am really glad to know Jasmine; we consider her part of the family!" Miss Santina

"Jasmine is a very friendly and responsible babysitter. My kids love having her babysit! She is always on time, plays with the kids, and follows instructions. We are very happy with her!!" Mrs. Jill Calhoun

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